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Henricksen PSG distributes the products of more than 200 manufacturers. Below you will find a selection of products available through Henricksen PSG, with photos appearing at left.

Wood Case Goods
Lounge/Public Seating
Gunlocke Chorus
Gunlocke Debonair
Gunlocke Fitzgerald
Gunlocke Meet & Greet
Gunlocke Molti Lounge
Gunlocke Molti Lounge Tandem
Gunlocke New Yorker
Gunlocke Sojourn Lounge
Gunlocke Tiara
Integra A
Integra Keoki
Integra Rendevous
Integra Tria
Executive Seating
Ergonomic Seating
Multi-purpose Seating
Guest Seating
Ergonomic Accessories
Filing and Storage
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